Sisters: Jessie&Allie

This Thanksgiving I got to go on vacation with JP’s family to North Carolina. I’m so thankful that he has such a sweet and welcoming family, I feel like they are my own and feel so blessed to be so close with them! His beautiful sisters and I decided to have a little photo shoot the other day, and boy was it FREEZING, there was even a little bit of snow!! But they obviouslyyyy couldn’t put their big coats on over their cute outfits, so we ran in and out of the house every five minutes to get a little warmth before going back out to face the 30 degree weather and freeze our fingers off!

IMG_4393 copyIMG_4374 copy IMG_4378 copy IMG_4380 copy IMG_4384 copy IMG_4392 copyIMG_4406 copy IMG_4409 copy IMG_4433 IMG_4435 copy IMG_4438 copy IMG_4445 copy IMG_4448 IMG_4451 copy IMG_4460 copy IMG_4470 copy IMG_4471 copy IMG_4476 copy IMG_4484 copy IMG_4486 copy IMG_4492 copy IMG_4496 copy IMG_4498 copy IMG_4504 copy IMG_4512 copy IMG_4518 copy IMG_4521 copy IMG_4522 copy


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