Thanksgiving Break.

Some more pictures from my trip to NC over Thanksgiving break with JP’s family.

IMG_4014 copy Monday, the girls went to downtown Greenville and the guys went golfing.
IMG_4024 copy IMG_4032 copy IMG_4034 copy

Tuesday was a rather gloomy day, but those are the fun days. We stayed in by the fire, acting like we were little kids again, playing lots of games, doing puzzles and playing sardines!

IMG_4073 copy IMG_4075 copy IMG_4084 copy IMG_4089 copy
IMG_4104 copy

On Wednesday it SNOWED! I mean, for a Floridian it snowed, although most people who live on a mountain would hardly call it snowing haha. So of course we went out exploring through the woods and on the trails to enjoy God’s beauty, through the freezing cold air.

IMG_4117 copy IMG_4122 copy IMG_4137 copyIMG_4153 copy IMG_4163 copy IMG_4164 copy IMG_4167 copy IMG_4172 copy IMG_4176 copy IMG_4185 copyIMG_4193 copy IMG_4203 copy IMG_4220 copy IMG_4225 copyIMG_4248 copy IMG_4254 copy IMG_4263 copyIMG_4280 copy IMG_4293 copy

Love this handsome boy!

IMG_4299 copy IMG_4310 copy IMG_4318 copy IMG_4319 copy IMG_4322 copy IMG_4323 copy IMG_4339 copy IMG_4516 copy

Grandpa Jakes.

IMG_4531 copy IMG_4532 copy IMG_4534 copy IMG_4536 copy

The boyzzz.

IMG_4550 copy IMG_4559 copy IMG_4585 copy IMG_4615 copy

Mama and Papa J are the cutest.

IMG_4623 copy IMG_4662 copyThe cousins arrived and on Thanksgiving we went to the camp and went on the giant swing, rock climbing wall and obstacle course!

IMG_4701 copy IMG_4720 copyIMG_4774 copy IMG_4783 copy IMG_4799 copy

The group^^^

IMG_4808 copy IMG_4826 copy IMG_4830 copyIMG_4840 copy IMG_4844 copy IMG_4848 copy IMG_4863 copy IMG_4865 copy

And Thanksgiving evening we got to gaze at the beautiful sunset behind the mountains…

IMG_4870 copy IMG_4872 copy IMG_4880 copy IMG_4885 copy


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