Florida Mish-Mosh

We had some family visit last weekend, so we decided to take them around to some of Central Florida’s coolest places. We started off at De Leon Springs to see some manatees (didn’t actually see any though) and to eat a delicious breakfast at the Pancake House.

IMG_5324 copy IMG_5339 copy IMG_5349 copy IMG_5367 copy IMG_5390 copy IMG_5396 copy IMG_5399 copy IMG_5425 copy IMG_5441 copy IMG_5451 copy IMG_5458 copy IMG_5463 copy IMG_5497 copy IMG_5503 copy IMG_5517 copy IMG_5537 copy IMG_5554 copy IMG_5643 copy IMG_5671 copy IMG_5684 copy IMG_5686 copy IMG_5702 copy IMG_5720 copy

Saw some cows on the side of the road…

IMG_5782 copy

IMG_5805 copy

Then we headed to Daytona Beach!

IMG_5843 copy IMG_5858 copy IMG_5871 copy IMG_5872 copy IMG_5883 copy IMG_5892 copy IMG_5907 copy IMG_5908 copy IMG_5915 copy IMG_5916 copy IMG_5925 copy

For dinner, we of course had to take them to 4Rivers. If you’re ever visiting the Orlando area, you have got to stop by and get some delicious BBQ at 4Rivers..best food ever. And to finish the day, we drove around the Park Avenue with the windows down, gazing at all the pretty Christmas lights and shops.


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