Summer vacation with my family to Hawaii!
My dads family lives there, and he was in a wedding, so we all got to go! I haven’t been since high school, so it was so nice to be back in that beautiful place and to see family! With such incredible sites all around, I was reminded to delight in God’s creation, not only on the beautiful island of Oahu, but in all places. He created the Earth so that we would dwell in Him and love Him more, and being in such a beautiful place reminded me to enjoy His creation so that I can grow closer to Him!

View from the plane on our way!
IMG_2016 copyIMG_2029 copyIMG_2043 copyIMG_2054 copyIMG_2379 copyIMG_2371 copyIMG_2355 copy

Grandma Rita, so stylish in her Free People top đŸ™‚

IMG_2228 copyIMG_2216 copyIMG_2174 copyIMG_2166 copyIMG_2114 copyIMG_2069 copyIMG_2409 copyIMG_2408 copyIMG_2589 copyIMG_2609 copyIMG_2635 copy

Yep, a pink pineapple.

IMG_2642 copyIMG_2649 copyIMG_2660 copyIMG_2685 copyIMG_2844 copy

Alana and I jumping!

IMG_2870 copyIMG_2887 copyIMG_2891 copyIMG_2911 copyIMG_2958 copy

Shrimp boil..

IMG_3213 copyIMG_3216 copyIMG_3237 copyIMG_3249 copyIMG_3339 copyIMG_3365 copyIMG_3382 copyIMG_3387 copyIMG_3433 copyIMG_3441 copy


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