Sundae Bar!

IMG_4516 copy

We had a surprise party for Allie last weekend with a SUNDAE BAR! It was pretty adorable, not gonna lie, and obviously delicious.  If you’re planning any kind of get together, this is a fun and easy thing to do!

IMG_4500 copy

Homemade Red Velvet cupcakes!

IMG_4502 copy

We put all the toppings in these class cups and used washi tape to label the toppings by making little banners on the spoons!

IMG_4503 copy

Of course we had to have some syrups, which we put in two of Mama J’s thrifted coffee creamers so they would pour easy and look adorable.

IMG_4515 copy IMG_4520 copy

IMG_4530 copy

Ahead of time we put scoops of ice cream in mason jars and kept them cool in big tins of ice.

IMG_4570 copy IMG_4575 copy IMG_4567 copyIMG_4585 copy  IMG_4593 copy


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