These weirdys..


Had a little mini shoot with my sister and her friends before I left for school! I was hoping for the perfect golden light, but Florida’s unpredictable weather decided to have some clouds dancing around the golden rays of sunshine.  So we just decided to have some fun prancing around a field with this tapestry I got in Hawaii! The shoot didn’t turn out as I imagined it would with a golden rainbow, but it captured the essence of these beautiful weirdys and I love it!

IMG_5628 copyIMG_5629 copy IMG_5630 copy IMG_5642 copy IMG_5643 copy IMG_5644 copy IMG_5647 copy IMG_5660 copy IMG_5663 copy IMG_5665 copy IMG_5677 copy IMG_5681 copy IMG_5687 copy IMG_5694 copy IMG_5697 copy IMG_5707 copy IMG_5709 copy IMG_5712 copy IMG_5721 copy IMG_5724 copy IMG_5732 copy IMG_5734 copy IMG_5735 copy IMG_5742 copy IMG_5749 copy IMG_5758 copy


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